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Jumpman Meteor v1.0

Ok so this is like a beta release, I wasn’t able to change the line to make it fullscreen, you know, without the navigation buttons and status bar, but I’ll eventually find a workaround for that issue, working with Android studio and Cordova has been quite hard with my current setup. Also, I may as well add new backgrounds, levels and a better difficulty system so the game doesn’t get boring too fast.

Known bugs:

- Home buttons and status bar still visible;

- Collision polygons in some of the meteors causes the character not to jump after given command, getting stuck and finally moving after a second touch on the screen;

- While in the game layout, if the background music is turned off and on again, causes it to get a bit louder.

Install instructions

1. Download the .apk file

2. Install it

3. Play


Jumpman Meteor.apk 19 MB

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